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(Adopt/Character) Selling: |OPEN| Adopt Auction #10 SB 25$ MI 5$ AB -



Auction -
www.furaffinity.net: |OPEN| Adopt Auction #10 by artwithka
www.deviantart.com: |OPEN| Adopt Auction #10
Starting Bid
- 25$
Min Increase - 5$
Auto Buy
If the bid is higher 110$ - i additionally will draw art with him half body using the lineart technique.
If the bid is higher 145$ - i additionally I will draw art with him half body using the lineless technique.
Example ( lineless technique):
- Paypal only.
- Auction ends in 48 hours after the highest bid​
- No refunds
- Not retract after offering. Be sure you have the payment
- Deadline Payment for 24 hours, otherwise the offer will be irrelevant and will open the auction

- You will get the full version of the file without a watermark
- You can sell at the same price or lower, can trade or gift
- To use for commercial please contact me first
- You can't use it to make species
- You can use the character as your own
- Don't claim this design as yours​