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Open and Active! --semi-realistic anthro's-- And more!

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Fire Floof
Hello All~
The name's Revi Wolfe.

I have finally returned to the paradise of creativity and the kingdom of anthropomorphs.
Simple said, I have improved my techniques to a point I can say that I am greatly satisfied.
Now it's time to go next level on FurAffinity!

Further into bussiness

As a seller I'm aware that customers need to gain trust, in order for me to receive requests.
So, I came up with a set of rules (for me and for the customer) and a small summary of what you can expect from me (time wise).
Because, unseen from certain circumstances, how is it to wait for an unrealistic amount of time while knowing your money has already been taken? Quite frustrating nah?

Please read these " Spoilers " thoroughly ~

Time chart (this is approximately)
I will contact you when there is an issue.
Time counts once I start on your request, all other customers will wait in line.

head: 1 to 3 weeks - half body: 2 to 4 weeks - full body: 5 to 8 weeks

Linearted sketch / detailed sketch
head: 1.5 weeks - half body: 2.5 weeks - full body: 3 to 4 weeks

Simple sketch
head: 1 week - half body: 1 to 2 weeks - full body: 2 to 3 weeks

Rules, guidelines and cancel possibilities.
  • I do not tolerate rude and impatient behaviour.
  • Customers are allowed to ask for updates, but keep it moderated.
  • Customers can criticize me in an art update when they don't feel satisfied about the drawing, such as the pose, expression, anatomy and colors.
  • Customers are free to use their requested art for any purposes, but are not allowed to sell them for a higher prize.
  • I will inform my customer when I start on their request.
  • Customers will fill a slot ONLY after I have received their payment.
Customers are able to freely cancel their request at any time.
But ONLY when I haven't started. I will immediately send the money back.

There is a possibility for the customer to cancel their request while it is in progress.
BUT with a penalty of 10%.

You want a colored full body of your character. But you cancel it while in progress.
A colored full body is $75
With the 10% penalty you will retrieve $67.5

The reason for this is I have been busy, and been working on your request. It would be very unfair on my side that I have been working for nothing.

What do I need?
  • A picture reference or a detailed physical description
  • Short personality summary (optional)
  • preferred pose and/or expression (optional)

I draw with a lot of passion and I love to sketch.
I am open for any kind of character, unfortunately I am still a beginner in detailed backgrounds so I will not accept such requests.

I am also open for further critique so I can improve myself.

You can send in your requests in this thread if you first need my opinion if I will be able to draw them.

_______PAYPAL ONLY_______

Check out the rest of my art
Userpage of reviwolfe -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
ReviWolfe on DeviantArt
nl.pinterest.com: Revi Wolfe (reviwolfe)


Draig Calon

Alpha Wolf/Dragon
Hi, I would like to talk to you about a possible commission, it would be a full body coloured, mostly to be used as a profile pic. It would be a wolf with a possible set of fire wings(optional) and hopefully with a simple dragon head in the background (can be a mono colour outline).
If you are interested please pm me or email me at truedragongaming@gmail.com