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open art trades !!


~ that crazy cat lady
i really like noctis but at the same time.... i really liked this one,,,,, but at the same time again i’m not too sure if i like the drawing i did???? honestly might do another one as well cause i’m iffy on this one ú-ù and i mean you DID do two of mine in the first place
but i have this !! i really love the character,,, like the markings are real subtle but blend and work really well together together i love that

and link!!

forgot to tag oop-
My little pretty boy!!! He looks so adult and angry, but you also made him so fluffy and sweet! :3 Thank you for this awesome work! I will add it to the gallery of Six as soon as I reach my pc. And don't worry, I did two of them because they are so lovely togheter, who am I to separate them? :'D