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(Adopt/Character) Selling: [OPEN AUCTION_sb $45] - Fruit Bat


New Member

This little bat is looking for a lovely home! BID HERE!!

SB: $45
MI: $5

- Specie/Race: Fruit Bat
- Gender: Male, but you can change his sex if you'd like. ^^
- Love sweet food and cute things.

Auction ends 72 hours after the first bid.


- $65: Full resolution PNG pic above and one version with transparent background.
- $85: Item above + version of the character sheet with lingeree.
- $160: Items above + one illustration SFW. Simple background. (Pose of my choice)

- $240+: Items above + one illustration whith SFW and NSFW versions. Simple background. (Pose and environment of your choice)


- I only accept Paypal.
- Payment must be received within 48 hours of auction end or the winner is the second highest bidder.
- I'll contact you throught the comment section, email, Note or PM, so check it out.
- No refounds.
- Don't resell for a higher price.

Other informations:

- Resolution size: 5849 x 2540 (150dpi)

- Estimated time for you get the finished picture(second): 15~20 days after approval of sketch.
- Any questions feel free to ask on the comments section or to my email: nekrophilie.fox[at]hotmail.com