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Available at this moment!

Head-shot 15 USD
Extra: super super detailed design ~up 25$




* Personal use ONLY! DON'T remove my signature and DON'T use it for print-selling! I appreciate if you give a link on my page.
If you want use a commission-picture for commercial use, contact me via note / mention it in the order-form.

Draw ONLY in my OWN style!

Accept PAYPAL. Pay BEFORE I start to draw your pic and pay PayPal-fees either!
I'll send you a back note after reading yours. There will be my PP-address in. Please, pay within 2 days after commission's acceptation. No refunds after paying!


If you're interested in it, send me a note with information:

1) Names of character and short info about these characters,
2) Sample pictures with them and big ready reference of your character.
You wishes about the future picture.
Do you want to see a sketch or not? (After your approving my sketch, I WON'T change anything. I WOULDN'T completely redraw my sketch more then 1-2 times)

I do commissions for a week. I'll send you a JPG-full-sized picture after completing my work (300 dpi-canvas)
For Russian people - если вы хотите заказать арт, но у вас нет PayPal, вы можете оплатить арт в рублях (карта Сбербанка присутствует).

Don't CLAIM or EDIT the finish artwork. I have the right to have your commission as a part of my portfolio, I WON'T sell your pic or use it as commercial work (I'll mention your name)

WHAT I DON'T DRAW: real people, mecha, my own characters.