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And also, the forums do seem pretty void of activity today.


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They're hiding somewhere...





Furry from the discount section
I hope everyone is alright.
Personally, I prefer everyone to be in even spacial relativity to their surroundings rather than displaced entirely to the right.
I just spent the past day arguing over immigration with a German that actively aped Neo-Nazi talking points, quoted far right blogs(think German Infowars), deleted the sub-thread in which I posted the statistics, and responded to any kind of statistics by accusing me of being a jobless college age bum who lives in their parents' basement. I am officially done talking politics for the week, because I am about ready to throw my fucking laptop at a godamn wall. Some of y'all piss me off sometimes, but I've only seen one person be that shittasticly toxic on this site, and he got thankfully banned.

Please take it seriously when I say everyone on this forum is relatively sane and tame compared to what I deal with elsewhere on a daily fucking basis.