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Roose Hurro

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My longest one before this point that I recall was around 10-11 miles, and I can pretty easily handle 8-9.

However, I should add that those have been without extra supplies. For the 25-mile one I wound up consuming 2 bottles of water and 1 protein bar during it. (I'd packed two bars but the other wound up unused.)

Sounds like a simple matter of conditioning. You simply weren't prepped physically for a ride of that length. Because you'd never ridden that far before, let alone ridden that far on a regular basis. So yes, sore feet.


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Same here. Been on 40+ mile rides on my Apocalypse, but that only involves standing for a few hours, which I do five days a week at work. Is this your first long ride?

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Same here


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Strething & ice will do wonders for your legs & feet.
Don't force anything with the stretches, let gravity do the work.
And for icing your feet, freeze a water bottle and then use your foot to roll it back & forth, but use a towel under it to catch the drips.

I have plantar fascitis. Ice is the only thing that helps mine.


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Imma pop some tags~
Just got back from the Goodwill with some awesome finds. $150 mantel clock for $4, two super cute dresses, like-new high heels to match, fuzzy slippers that look like wolf paws, a brand new shoulder/back massager, a few adorable coffee mugs, and one giant MEGArita glass because why the fuck not?

Roose Hurro

Lovable Curmudgeon
Just got out of the shower. Later than I intended to go, but decided to trim finger and toe nails... good thing I did, because I remembered that I'd forgotten about needing to take my Bubba Stik. And that I also remembered I'd forgotten to get out the cash for the entry fee. They don't take cards. So I'll need to pop four miles out of my way to get that done, THEN to the fair! So, time to get in my street clothes, pull my scoot off the stand, gear up and GO.......