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Most powerful dragon human hybrid in the universe


Guys I need someone who can decode audio or some shit. We were just prank calling random numbers and this one picks up after a few seconds and starts dinging or something and starts playing some sort of error code. Put it in a spectrogram or something. It’s (918)-542-6633

Roose Hurro

Lovable Curmudgeon
Geeze, are they still posing menacingly?

Deen doesn't pose menacingly... he poses with a smile.

... and with style.

Though his mate, Thoee, doesn't allow him to get away with everything.

So I recently found out my uncle is a flat Earther and he recently showed me a video to try and convince me where a guy said "Space does not exist"

Well, my closet is a bit small.......

Roose Hurro

Lovable Curmudgeon
Did you draw those

Unfortunately, no... and also unfortunately, the lady who drew them for me disappeared from the web. Not only a talented artist, but a fantastic writer (we RPed together) and friend. Though I only ever knew her online, for way too short a time. Still miss her.

Oh, and just got back a short bit ago from the Fair. Crowded, hot... my favorite food vendor, gone... spent way too much, but I now have a new HiDow XPD12 to replace my old ACU-XPO, with a lifetime replacement coverage and other goodies thrown in freebie. Hey, only happens once a year, and I got everything done I wanted to get done, including the enjoyment of my yearly "wine slushy". Will have to wait a day or two before I find out how much sunburn I have, but I'm content.

Need to get going on the wash now... church tomorrow morning, work tomorrow afternoon!