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Open Chat


Deleted member 82554

Looks like the site is functioning again. I was starting to think I would have to get a social life, become an upstanding citizen and impress my parents. :V


Yeah!! After 200 years the forum is back to normal!
Now I can conquer Earth !!



Twas the night before shizzle
And all through the rizzle
Not a crizzle was stirring not even a mizzle
The stizzles were hung by the chizzle with care
In hopes that St nizzlelas would be there
The children were nizzled inside there beds
While visions of nizzleplums danced in their heads
And mama in her nizzlechef and I in my cap
Had just sizzled our brains for a long wizzle nap
When out from our lawn arose such a clizzle
I sprang from my bizzle to see the mizzle
Away to the wizzle it flew like a flash
Tore open the shizzle and threw up the sash
The moon of the bizzle of new fallen snizzle
Gave the lustre of mizzle to all bizzle
When what to my wizzling eyes should appear
But a mizzling slizzle and tiny rizzle


Maid in France :>
Well, since you have confessed, your punishment might be more lenient.
Oh please. "Might"? xD

You'll make it worse. :3