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Miles Marsalis

The Last DJ.
Happy Mother's Day to the moms here.

Adrian Gordon

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hello egon! my english is fairly nice.

Frank Gulotta

Send us your floppy
An interesting watch =D sounds a little bit surreal to hear someone talk about his job and colleagues, except it's exorcism


People like talk about how UFOs or UAPs appear to maneuver in ways that defy what we know about physics. What isn't talked about as often, however, is the fact that photographic evidence is invariably low quality. Regardless of how sophisticated the camera technology is, the image is always ambiguous. I'll bet the aliens are frustrated whenever they try to take selfies.


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The best time in summer is when cherries and strawberries ripen. Very soon.


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Day two of dropping bread from my daily consumption. Really going to feel weird dropping it for 2 months. On the flip side, I've lost 2kg thus far in total in May, which is nice.

Also have a pizza date in like 2 hours, which is gonna be nice. An exception to the no-bread policy I guess.