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Open Chat


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Some people on here call me a troll apparently, (and re-use this word on here too frequently with people anyways). o_O Hmmh.... they can have a piece of this cake, with my compliments ☺:
Do you like being known as a troll? It sounds like you like it, but maybe that’s just an apology cake?


Å nei, cringe
I’m new to being a furry so how do I come up with a fersona and a name?
You must fight an army of Zerglings against overwhelming odds. Then climb the tallest mountain to fight a dragon with only a loincloth and your fists.

If you cannot take on the title of "Johnny Hotbody" you neither deserve a Fursona nor to be able to live without being shamed where ever you go.


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Today I learned how to use the keyboard to control the mouse curser.

Fun fact, you can also do it the other way around. Windows has a digital keyboard that mice can use to act as a regular keyboard. Should work for most tasks outside of video games. :)


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I'm surprised Opa Opa or Vic Viper at least weren't assist trophies.
Given the support for the character that I’ve seen, I think Reimu would get that sort of representation over the other shmup reps

That said, Galaga has some pretty good representation in Smash at least


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Nobody likes the cover of this as it is. I'm in a puny minority that thinks she's hot as shit.
It was still made wasn't it?

Body positivity isn't meant for men is the issue I have with it.


Are we moomin, or are we dancer?