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Tbh i ask me anyways how someone can “fliet“ pver the net... except you send him cute and mawkish emojis with every message o_O
Cutie, you obviously haven't been looking at my messages these past few weeks.


back to Aussie foxying!
Hi and welcome to Texas, make aure you wear a lead lined suit in the summer, carry a gasmask, eat your beef, dont mess with our police, dont worry about snow, and dont get carried off by our giant mosquitoes! :D

Sounds a bit like Australia, but with badass XD


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lol Mate one day popped off and 'said, 'Id love to live in Australia'.... Sat down and did research. In about ten minutes, right after the pictures of a yard full of webs and a king brown slithering out of a boot in a closet, I got... 'I love where we live now'.


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Nothing much going on going on too much here thinking about how i can self ridicule to get some likes i guess.....

Australia has spiders as big as dinner plates. And pretty much everything there can kill you.

But giant mosquitos though....

Oh they aren't that bad we have them here in Virginia, too bad everyone tries to kill them not as many people would of gotten zika and have to lose their children if there more of these guys around (they kill other mosquitoes)

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Speaking of Australia. I heard this story awhile back, some little boy found these eggs, he probably thought they were birds I guess. He took them home and hid them in his closet, after they hatched, the mom found them and they ended up being really deadly snakes. No one got hurt, thankfully! But holy crap...

If that was me, if the snakes didn't get me, I'd probably die from a heart attack.