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peek-a-boo!!! I see you!
oh man the emoji movie...sometimes i wonder like...i have these ideas in my brain and i'll glaldy ship them for movies...because if that's all they can think of...is emojis....OH BOY

on another note...im stuck :/ there is a party going on at my bf's house and we both don't want to be here and its noisy and loud but one of us will have to stay because, if not, one of these idiots will come in the room and do god knows what...

Casey Fluffbat

E. Fuscus from the discount section
Ah the Emoji movie. More bullshit from Sony. Next year there will be a "Fidget spinner" movie. No wonder why God left.
Not to mention, they delayed the popeye movie just for that. It seems to me they wanted to appeal to mainstream masses before they released an inifinitely better movie in fear of its under-performance. The emoji movie trailer revealed the plot to much and to no one's surprise.... It's really generic. Gennedy Tartakovsky already has experience making cartoonish animations with plot, so I wouldn't understand if they mistrusted popeye movie, they already have a quality director for it.


The only thing I can say now is that I left the Officialfurryboredom group discord server or whatever the title is.