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Chum bucket with the u

Who's going around attacking people this time????


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Tired of having roach in my app. Since the exterminator pass I see more roach and almost everyday. Before that it was like once a month.

I think there are roach in the microwave oven and in the stove. I can trow away my stuff. buying new one will still get infected. Landlord wont use someone competent to do the job. just F***** tired of the situation. Its not like I can trow away everything I have, move away and buy new stuff once I'm there. Not sure the landlord realize the situation? Those above us have a lot of roach and the lady do sewing at home. I think its for a hospital, so she must transport roach there.


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Tired of having roach in my app...
I just moved and a few followed but the numbers are WAY down. Spraying in a new place might be effective.

I could hardly keep anything in the pantry anymore. It was crazy, they would chew holes in plastic bags to get to packaged food, especially bread.