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Open Commissions! $40 - $150


The semester is drawing to an end, and with it, I open up.....commissions.
I have a range of commission types you can order, prices are somewhat negotiable, from 40 to 150 dollars, but remember, I gotta eat too.

All examples are done in graphite, but I also work digital, charcoal, and watercolor. No additional charge for media, but keep in mind that I’ve done graphite for a decade and as a result of such, those will take marginally less time and will likely be stronger pieces.

We have bust commissions! These are high detailed portraits from the shoulders up, typically with black or white backgrounds, but additional considerations can be discussed. These go for 40 USD.

www.furaffinity.net: Gryphon2 Bust Commission by Sean_Hart

www.furaffinity.net: [Comm] Ritsu Bust Commission by Sean_Hart

Next tier up price-wise are single character commissions without a background. These are exactly what they sound like, 3/4 body to full body commissions with an empty void for a background. These go for 50 USD and can be upgraded with a background for an additional 20 USD if you want to split the payment. If not, check out the next tier...

www.furaffinity.net: Sean Hart by Sean_Hart

Which are single character commissions with a background. These go for 70 USD each.

www.furaffinity.net: Out on the Town by Sean_Hart

www.furaffinity.net: 八月の風 by Sean_Hart
Next up, multiple character commissions without a background. The same rules for the single character commissions apply here with adjusted prices for the inclusion of a new character. These go for 80 USD and can also be upgraded in a similar way to the single-character commissions for another 70 USD.

In other words, a multi-character comm with a background comes out to 150 USD.

www.furaffinity.net: [Comm] "Refills, Please!" by Sean_Hart

www.furaffinity.net: Falco & Fox by Sean_Hart

(All images have their gallery pages linked if images are broken)

Before I go and pray for work, please remember that these prices do exist on something of a sliding scale. I’m not going to ask you to pay 70 dollars for a plain background if you want it that way; I’m willing to work with you to produce work we can both be proud of. All payments are final and in advance through Paypal. I have never canceled a commission, nor will I.

I can be reached at @BigBossDidNothingWrong on Telegram, moleskine-prince.tumblr.com, Sean_Hart on FurAffinity (also linked below), or at ranshiin.sama@gmail.com if you have any questions. I’ll also be checking here regularly for PMs and the like.

FA: Userpage of Sean_Hart -- Fur Affinity [dot] net

Thanks for your time,