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(Commission) Selling: Open Commissions! Special offers: 15$ full body character.


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Hello! i'm an Argentinian freelancer ilustrator, I am making commissions at special prices!

Normally my prices are above $25 so the special prices are:
8$ Portrait
15$ full body draw character!

Commissions Portfolio:

My Furrafinity profile with furry sample draws:

My Deviant art and Instagram:

DM to make your request <3

>I can draw Multiple Character Draw and Comics, the price of extra character is the half of the basic character price.
>I accept NSFW
>In case of having background price of it depends of the details
>Payment via PayPal only.
>I receive 50% of the payment once the client approves the sketch, once the commission is delivered pay the rest.
>When this full of requests I will notify in this post the same when I have free places.
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