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Secretly A Cat
Hi! I was wondering if anyone would be interested in commissioning a work? anything from sketches to full colored artworks, either to be posted as a digital art, or mailed if that is preferred. Please get back to me! I'm new to the furry community, but I've been an artist for a while. Prices for art would range from $15-$50 possibly more, depending on size, amount of detail, etc., depending on if it was a small sketch emailed, or a large painting sent as a physical package to your address of choice. I accept payments via Paypal, though other payment methods can be negotiated. Please let me know of you are interested, and check out some of my art on tumblr at ThatOneArtBlogger. I am currently unable to upload my images of my art, but if you are interested, please click the link, or comment below, apologies for any inconveniences.