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*link to fa*

➜ Bid under the last bidder.
➜ Bid what you can afford.
➜ Don't hide your bidding.
➜ Don't drop your bid.
➜ Bid under the featured comment "bid here."
➜ Do not steal in any way
➜ Do not resell the design, however you can gift them or trade them or sell it for not more of what you've payed for, unless you can offer additional art.
➜ After payment you can change some minor design, being true with the original.
➜ After payment you can add/delete clothes/objects.
➜ After payment you can choose gender/sexuality and name of the character.

➜ This auction will end on the 13th November 2016
➜ Please, make sure to be on the day the auction ends. If you don't respond within 2 days, the adopt will go to the second highest bidder.

Starting Bid: 20$
Minimum Increase: 2$
Auto-Buy: 50$

Anna Hampton

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I found some great art sale online. Maybe those who want to post their art for auction or those who want to buy these artworks are interested. I did a bid once and I got a really worthy artwork.