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Free Art: [OPEN] Doing requests for Ko-Fi samples! [SFW only]


apollo, the goddamned sun
I'm setting up a Ko-Fi for sketch commissions, and I need samples to fill it up! And possibly also create some samples for my regular commissions.

My drawings are of artistic liberty unless you ask for something specific. Post a reference and either a description of your character's personality or a specific prompt you want to see them in. I like to do more action-y float-y poses, but I can draw otherwise if I see it to be more fitting for the character. Those traits are not required though, I can do any and all prompts!

I won't be drawing all characters! I'll pick and choose which designs or prompts interest me the most, and when I do, I'll PM you with your request. Go ahead and reply to this thread with yours, but a drawing is not guaranteed.
I usually draw mammalian characters, but I'm getting into drawing avian and reptile characters since I need the practice, avian especially. I am also typically drawn to more natural fur colors rather than bright ones, but that doesn't mean I won't draw the latter at all! If you have monster designs, unique species, or any mythical creature, I'd be more likely to pick those ones.
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Rap Daniel

Clever dino wizard boi
How about Rap doing magic? (he's a Hufflepuff student at Hogwarts, that's why.)


Professional Pain in the Ass
I'll offer up Misu for your consideration.

Misu on Toyhouse

Much thanks for looking even if she doesn't catch your interest. ^^


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I've been working on my new boy named Caesius and he only has 1 piece of art so far. Hopefully he will catch your interest. He is a mixture of flying fox, wildebeest, and cat features.



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Hmmm, unique species? Idk
Many mistake my horses for mlp but I have horses
Rather I’ve got a horse with a refsheet but it has no anthro sheet.
www.furaffinity.net: Feral Reference: Werrick Fang [OC] by Maybe2morrow

But but
The character itself - despite no anthro sheet and me be in lack of finding my anthro art of him) can tell you he is working in a mafia, usually wearing the usual fancy black and white attire (though no hat) and usually gun wielding as he is a bodyguard (this has to do with his size) because he tend to be much taller (not helping that he is muscular built) and scarier.

Also he is a serious horse. And also there is this absurd eh thing about him. He is a cannibalistic horse. He literally eats his enemies (well in my universe does a sin make you closer to a demon and boi this guy is going down the spiral and one of the first thing is this bloodthirst like a vampire but he just like go straight for the meat as it keeps him sane for a longer time than blood (blood is like a drug but meat has the nutrients?))
So yeah there is lots of things there can be done with him.
All from gun wielding, to drinking blood to eating meet. •-•’


i don't have an exact reference, but if you're after unique species i have a cockroach boy! cheren on Toyhouse personality wise, he comes across a little serious (though it's hard to take a dude dressed in rainbow seriously), admittedly being kind of blunt and clueless. his biggest interest is biology...he loves microbiology especially. he's a uni student, so he sometimes gets to do experiments though he mostly just likes reading books about it and looking on the good ol internet. so if you can't think of a pose, perhaps you could draw him with test tubes, or books or something like that!

Bluefiremark II

Magic Blue Phoenix
Userpage of BluefiremarkII -- Fur Affinity [dot] net here's my gallery. Feel free to choose anything from there you'd like ^-^ (but if you say you need practice with Avians feel free to do Blue.)

Personalities? Blues adventurous, curious, brave
Starren is pretty chill, cool, dark.
Vixye is very energetic, cute, playful, cheerful
Aartem is a little shy, nice

As for any poses.. anything that would suit them well... wouldn't imagine starren doing a cutesy peace symbol selfie pose right?

Grimm Hund

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I have a reptile!
www.furaffinity.net: Marina: Female Dragonborn Transmutation Wizard by GrimmHund
How about her?

That's all she normally wears.
As for scene/pose, anything with water! She studies water in a fantasy D&D setting to see if it's magically or non-magically polluted. She's a wizard too, of course.

Personality: There's nothing that I enjoy more than a good mystery. I'm convinced that someone is taking my research and selling it.
Morals: The overall goal in a life of research is the betterment of oneself.
Bonds: I work to manage the written records of my growing clan.
Flaw: I often overlook obvious solutions in the pursuit of complicated ones.


But officer, I said "In Minecraft."
I wouldn't mind some more artwork, so feel free to use my character. He's usually shy and introverted, but gets pretty aggressive behind the wheel of his truck. And if you want to try something feathered, I have a version of him as a feral pegasus. Thanks for the consideration.


Ref sheet-
www.furaffinity.net: Fursona by TastyArts