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Open-Ended Question :P


glowing objects! :D
Tell meh forum! What's teh scariest thing you've evar, evar, EVAR saw in your life?


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Ketchup. I hate it.


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On a japanese board...2ch...
It was a pic of a guy whose face was...torn open...-shurgs- Now I'm feeling bad...

(Everytime I read your nick I hear "Tainted Love dun dun dun dun dun dun dun")


seeing one of my frends comming out of her room without her prosthetic eye


I turned to my right while on a hike and almost walked into a gigantic Golden Orb Spider and its web. It was like 2" from my face. *shudder* *shudder* It still makes my skin crawl.


glowing objects! :D
seems pretty scareh to me so far D: emm, aside from the ketchup... XP


glowing objects! :D
i is just left yt cuz of this :( meh widdle brother being held hostage... i still have nightmares of it T_T


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Novaluna...thanks for that.
That's exactly what I've thought. Something about his little brother being held as a hostage I think.


glowing objects! :D
yes, yes :\


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Threads posted in the wrong section.

*hides under bed*


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Actually I don't know, the only thing coming to mind is somebody being shot in front of me..

Oh one time when I was young we were playing a hide and seek type of game called manhunt, I was sprinting through the woods pretty fast and then a friend of mine was like "here!" when I was literally jumping over them, scared the shit out of me.


glowing objects! :D
ahh thanks for telling me. forgive me for my incompetence :(


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The pyro on Far Cry from the Snakes and Arrows tour first time I went.

Because it caught be completely by surprise. RUSH. DOESN'T. USE. PYRO.

Nearly gave me a heart attack.


The Spengbab stuff freaked me the fuck out when I saw it.

Oh, and as a kid I dreamed my cat opened its mouth to about 2 times the size of its body and screamed at me. Yeah, that one scarred me for a while.