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Always ill as hell
Hello all! If you are interested in having your character drawn in an anime art style that is drawn directly from an artist living here in Japan (who is a bilingual Japanese) you have come to the right place!
Also, I'm kind of in a tight bind as my finding a part-time isn't going so well due to my mental and physical health dropping very recently and frequently... So you commissioning me for art makes me VERY happy and thankful in every way possible (as well as help me in achieving my dream in being a comic artist and writer someday)!

I'm just starting out, but I am a pretty flexible artist when it comes to trying to work with your intended spending budget! So please ask so that I can work with you on it!

Contact me via here on the FA Forums, my FA gallery or via email that is written on the commission sheet below!

Main Art Style: Japanese-Anime (cel-shaded ver.) and some semi-realism

Can also: Emulate certain styles and realism (if reference provided)

Can draw:
*Most animals and creatures (anthro, ferals, etc),
*Humans (mainly hot guys in sexy outfits, women, plus-size, etc)
*Artistic nudes and pin-up arts
*Mecha (kind of, but it will take a long time to render).
*Pretty much almost anything because I take it as a challenge...

Cannot draw: complex backgrounds, buildings, anything that promotes hate (ie racism, anti-semitisim, homophobia, etc), certain sexual fetishes (underage, scat, flatulence, etc)*

*NSFW commissions will be priced differently than SFW ones, please inquire if commissioning for this.

*(UPDATE 12/26) Due to not being able to multitask a lot of commissions, I will work with the commissioner individually, one-on-one! I apologize for this..

If there is something not listed here on what I can or cannot draw, please ask!

***************************Artworks I offer starts here!*****************************************


$10USD Portrait Avatar/Icons
for Furaffinity or any other site you frequent!
(Please click on the thumbnail here as it's really huge!)


Flat colors only, shading will add $5USD


For Single Character illustrations:


Rough sketches are the quickest, while cleaned-line art will take time. Both also depend on the complexity and difficulty of your character and fursona.

Please provide references if you can! However, if you have a written description of your character only, there will be a 'character creation' fee for building them from scratch

I do about 5-6 rough poses, and can combine any elements in those if you desire. When you pick one of them, I will work on that one and keep you up-to-date on the progress of it!

UPDATE (1/3/2019): Extreme NSFW will be charged a $20USD tag and be considered a private commission and NOT updated to my main gallery! Slightly NSFW (some nudity, sexy poses and clothing in general) will only be charged $5USD. This will be at my discretion but there is a huge likelyhood that I will only do the Slightly NSFW art and not anything explicit! Hopefully, I can get a NSFW art price tag going when I'm stable enough...



Custom Reference Sheets:

3 body-basic turnaround sheet ($65USD):


FOR SHADING AND RENDERING: +5USD for cel-shade, +10 for painterly-style
-Additional details will be charged depending on complexity
-Background color free of charge
-Will take time and requires one-on-one communication to ensure character designs is right and satisfactory


Offering 'Budget Character reference sheet' for anyone who wants to have a character sheet but without the breaking the bank. They are styled in the 'Anime Production character sheets' and are set in-stone:



Budget Reference Sheets templates info:

-Body template can be made to fit and adjust to not only humans, but non-humans (kemonomimis, etc), anthros, male, female, nonbinary and plus-size characters.

-Poses are set in stone and no changes are allowed on them! Adding and subtracting (replacing) elements in them is not allowed.
If you want to do that, it will count as being a 'Custom Reference sheet' instead and a different price given!

-Budget sheet #2 has the faces set to the default neutral expression, but if you want your character to show some kind of expression, please tell me!

-In case of characters with HUGE wings, they will count as being an extra detail to be drawn if chosen, as well as slightly cut down to fit the budget sheet's limited space.

-Choice of clean-line art or 'rough sketch' for the lines.
All will be done with flat coloring, while any shading will be charged an extra fee.

-Default background color will be white but can be adjusted to another color if desired.

-Extra charge will occur if during the process of drawing the sheet, you change your mind midway. PLEASE finalize and approve everything with me during the first step!

-NSFW version will be charged a different price!


My Terms of Service can be viewed here in my FA journal and gallery

Method of payment: PAYPAL in American Dollars only, but also accepting international currency via PAYPAL when I go and calculate the currency exchange rate for the USD for the new price.

I require the 'pay half, pay later' method since this will motivate me to finish your work, as well as if something comes up half-way that you want to cancel the commission.



If you liked my art and want to see me improve and continue without stopping.... (But, can't afford the commission at the moment)
Consider tipping a tea ($1-$3) to my Ko-fi here since I'm job hunting currently in expensive as hell Tokyo and I'm REALLY tight this month and the next... Every little bit helps!
Or you can tip to have me do a 'Ko-Fi fanart cookie' drawing since I need to practice fanart slowly (and getting motivated with a 'tea' makes me happy):

($6USD for a BW/Brown rough sketch portrait of a fanart character)
($12USD for a flat colored rough sketch portrait of a fan art character)

Before you drop that tea there, please tell me what amount, and what character you want to see me draw (or I draw what I like myself) in the two choices above!


Clients currently commissioning:

*@Spottycatz: Icon of two characters (Waiting on, not heard from back in over 4 months)
*@Darcy Healan: (shaded full-body, clean line art) Illustration of their sona, Darcy
*@Kahara: Budget Ref sheet 2 of Kahara

Clients finished with:

*Torn Paper Dolls


Coming Soon/Work in Progress:

-Price sheet for Custom Character reference sheets
-NSFW Price list
-Art Examples for 'Ko-Fi fanart cookies'
-Fursona Generator Adoptables

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Always ill as hell
A million and ten THANK YOUs!! to @Nadiafur for being my first commission customer!

(Nadia in front of a mural, bigger version can be found at my furaffinity) A an example of what a Full-body rough 'clean' sketch with shading+background will look like.

Also gave her an extra free art since she was patient in waiting for the art above:

(Nadia and a bird)
This is what a clean-line art with shaded colors will look like with a colored background of your choice. (Or I decide myself to make it look nice for you!)
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Always ill as hell
(Was a free art. @Jarren 's beautiful Seraphina! This is what a rough sketch, flat color portrait will look like if you order it)

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Always ill as hell
(Personal work) This is what a shaded, clean-line art illustration in a bust-shot angle will look like (plus a simple background):


Always ill as hell
(This thing turned out huge so it's under a cut format, and also WARNING for blood splatter)
Did a new icon for my Gallery, and was going to go for the blood-splatter version, but found out that there was a no gore rule. Went with the non-blood version.
Theme was 'moonlight loner unicorn warrior' (actually, moonlight idea came after and decided to try attempting a 'backlight' ):


This is what the image will roughly look like if you order a icon/avatar for $10USD
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Always ill as hell
(Under a cut due to a Unicorn boy flipping two birds aka the finger)

Example of a clean-lined, half-body illustration with a colored background (free of charge if you want something other than the default white)


Always ill as hell
(Personal work here) This is what a rough, bust sketch with flat colors (and white background) will look like if you order this:


Always ill as hell
(Personal work) Konnohanasakuya, created for the sexy, skimpy guys art event Magic Meat March 2018! You can see his quote in my FA gallery here!

This is what a full-body rough sketch with colors (and a light amount of shading) will look like if you order something like this!


Always ill as hell
Updated the list with $10USD portrait avatar/icon option (actually about $7USD due to Paypal's fees), and changed/arranged some things on the first post.


Always ill as hell
Up-close version of the unicorn boy on my commission sheet (and you can also see his hilarious backstory in my Gallery)
This is what a clean-lineart, full shaded color commission(with white background) will looks like if you order it (as well as a possible discount on requesting your guy character to wear sexy, skimpy and impractical armor too):


Always ill as hell
Updating to post a couple of new commission works here since I finished a VERY long overdue one:

This is what a rough-sketched, BW full-body will look like if you order this!

Many thanks to @Kahara for letting me commission his Sona in a costume from Fate/Grand Order's Ozymandias on such a short notice for the Halloween Spirit!
Anything from the Japanese games/anime/any Japanese media actually makes me want to draw them so, if anyone has a Sona that wants to cosplay from an anime/game you like, I'm open for that!


Always ill as hell
After 4 months of working on this on-and-off, I give a billion thanks to @Behawolf for being VERY patient with me and my annoying mental issues that kept cropping up while their commission was taking place.

This is a custom reference sheet for their character Yulai Mongwealth. It's styled in the 'anime-production sheet format' and I went with a painterly shading since I thought it would fit better.


Also gave them extra art due to the VERY long wait to pair up with the reference sheet:



Always ill as hell
Waiting to hear back from two commissioners at the moment, if I don't hear from them... I'm open in taking 1 or 2 new commissioners in.
(Provided they are a little easier and quick for me to do (such as portraits or a half-body, or an icon) due to my speed and current job hunting).


Always ill as hell
Since I have not heard back from 2 commissioners, and I haven't gotten any new clients recently, as well as the job-hunting not going great too (due to mental issues and stuff getting in the way from doing THIS)...

I REALLY hate to undercharge and do this to myself, but for a VERY limited time only (until I find a job or until January 15th or earlier), I'm doing an Emergency Commission single illustration sale for clean linearts that will be $5 USD off.

BUT there is a catch:

-ONLY taking fursonas, OCs, etc that already have a visual reference for me to work off of. NO written descriptions and 'build a character from scratch' type deals.

-Since these will be very done quick, there is a possibility of the quality being not so great.

-Comes in the default anime-style seen above and in flat-colors. There is still the shading fee of +5USD. If you want this, it will only be in the cel-shade and not painterly. (Added as of 12/31)

-The only WIP will be given is checking on the rough sketch of the pose.

-NO NSFW or fetishes period. Slight sexyness is okay but I want to keep these PG-13

-5 slots only for now, and will be dependent on if I can draw your request or not. As soon as the 5 slots are finished up, I will move on to more commissioners waiting

-Every Emergency Commission that comes in, you will get a free colored sketch as a THANK YOU for it!

If you can't afford it, I do have a Ko-fi here in which if you tip in a little, you get a small rough sketch as a thank you.

Contact me via my Gmail (listed on the first post) or via FA Forums PM and title it 'Emergency Commission Sale request' so that I know you are serious about commissioning and getting art from me.
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Always ill as hell
I have updated the info at the moment.
*NEW* Any Emergency Commission buyers will get a free THANK YOU colored sketch of whatever OC, fursona, etc if you purchase!


Always ill as hell
I REALLY hate to talk about my situation here, but I don't have enough to pay for this month's rent and utilities since I haven't found a job still and I'm getting REAL desperate at this point...


Always ill as hell
@Kahara : Hey, I'll PM you the details since I don't want to clog up the shop here too much of my comments here!


Always ill as hell
Thank you to @TornPaperDolls for waiting VERY patiently with me while I finish his commission! It's a flat-colored, full body, clean lineart illustration of his Avi!


Threw in a Freebie too due to his patience too. (This is a rough colored sketch here!)