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(Commission) Selling: ($35+) Open for afforable emergency commissions!


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I'm open for emergency commissions!
My fiance has been ill for months, and the doctors told us that its most likely that she has glandular fever, which in some cases can last up to 9 months and it has no treatment, you just have to let it go on its own, which sucks. So, I'm trying to help her pay the bills while she can't work as much right now.
On top of that, recently both my parents got incapacitated, my mom hurting her back and my dad burning his face, so they need help with bills as well and they only have me to take care of them.

So, I'll be open for commissions for as long as it takes for all of them to get back on their feet.
If you're interested in my commissions, do let me know! If you aren't, but know someone who might, I would really appreciate it if you could let them know about my commissions, that'll be a huge help <: )

So! Here are my commission prices with some examples:


Gamer girl entrepreneour FA forums version.png

Gamer girl entrepreneour FA forums version.png

Gamer girl entrepreneour FA forums version.png

toontown warrior.png

$30 Single character (No background)

+$25 each extra character

+$50 with background


the desert fox ref forum ver.png

Hisui ref forum ver.png

Pikr ref sheet forum ver.png

$70 For a ref sheet with 1 front view, 1 back view, 1 side view, 1 head shot, and description (Can be clothed or not clothed)

+ $20 per extra outfit on the side

+ $15 per extra headshot

+ $5 to $25 per accesory depending on complexity


1.- Every commission must be paid upfront in order to claim a slot on the journal, as the way I do them are in order of first paid first served.

2.- Please be clear with what you want for your commission, so you can receive your commission faster, and if possible, provide an email address on a note so I can sent you the high resolition version of your commission.

3.- I don't do nsfw, fetish, hyper, gore or any kind of suggestive commissions. I can do minimum amounts of blood. Mostly I work on sfw only. Do let me know of the idea you have in mind if you are not quite sure if your commission fits any of these categories.

And finally, you can check more examples of my art on My gallery.

Thank you for your time! Have a good day :)