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(Commission) Selling: Open for all commission types! Furry, Humanoids, and Monsters! ($10-$65 base price)


Perpetually Tired
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Hello hello! I'm Lunney, or Kay and I'm here for all your commissioning needs ✨

I specialize in Furries(Anthros), Ferals, and Monsters, but I can also draw human characters!

Terms of Service​

The Boring stuff, I know i know but this is for you and me!
You can view the TOS in full >Here<
It's pretty standard stuff, and not too long!

If you want the quick notes...
- payment whether full or half must be made before I start
- you're allowed to reupload anywhere w/ credit
- if there has been no response for 3 weeks (barring prior notice), I'll assume the commission is cancelled, do a partial refund, and repurpose the work done.
- you're not allowed to use it as NFTs
- up to 3 major changes can be made after it's been agreed as complete

What don't you draw?​

  • Scat/Gas
  • Watersports
  • Extreme Hyper/Inflation
  • Pedophilic content
  • Crushing
  • Diapers
  • Sexual Non-Con
  • Soft Vore


Price Sheet v3.1 sm.jpg

Additional Options:
$15 Cheebs (Chibis) drawn on a base but can have modified arm poses and clothing!
$7 Flat Rate Sketches (can be a bust, waist up, or full body)
Any previous piece I've done for you can be 'upgraded' by paying the price difference

My prices are pretty fixed! I don't charge for character complexity at all, so what you see is pretty much what you'll pay! I like to keep the math easy for everyone.

If there's anything not specified on the sheet that you'd like to order, go ahead and contact me anyway and I will most likely still be able to work with you on it!

How do I order?​

Ordering is very simple!
Just Note/DM/E-mail me with exactly what you want. Don't leave any details out! I'd rather you flood me with information than not enough! Same goes for references. And, if there's a detail that you think I'll overlook or I might not clearly understand, please point that out as well.

Payment is made through PayPal invoices only, this is so we can both keep track of our money. I'll send one to you via email or link once all the details are sorted.
Also if you have a PayPal account, please use that email for me to send the invoice to in order to avoid confusion on Paypal's end.

If this is your first time ordering a commission in general, remember to include these:​
  • Type of commission (headshot/bust, waist/thigh-up, full body, reference sheet, etc)​
  • Finish (Sketch, linework, Flat Color/Watercolor, Shaded)​
  • Background (transparent, simple color/gradient, specific, or complex)​
  • References (can be drawn refs, or pictures + typed description)​

Where's my commission?​

If you have already ordered a Commission, or would like to see where you'd be in the queue, you can check Trello for status updates.
I'll also send WIP shots as i work on them! Usually one per stag (sketch, line, color, etc) and after any revisions!

Please bear in mind, I work on commissions as I receive them. Usually, I will work on the first two simultaneously with the first receiving slight priority.

Example Work​

You can View My Full Gallery for a wide variety of examples. If you see something you like here, please link it when order your commission!
You can also peruse these select examples vvv

cheeb Kay.png
cheeb Tensho.png

fireside mikohusky.jpg
DD Waterfall Night trimmed.jpg

lord of geo accented.jpg
Ari awakened stance.png

taur boy.jpg


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