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(Commission) Selling: Open for Telegram stickers and more! Starting at 5$!


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Why hello there! I'm currently up to doing commissions! I mostly specialize in making stickers on telegram, but I also do regular digital art, and even pixel art animations!

Telegram stickers
These are the prices for telegram stickers!
  • 3 Stickers: 9.50$ (USD)
  • 5 Stickers: 15$ (USD)
  • 10 Stickers: 29.25$ (USD)


Here is some examples!

Normal Commissions
Here are the prices for my normal commissions!
  • Headshot: 5$ (USD)
  • Bust/Halfbody: 7$ (USD)
  • Fullbody: 10$ (USD)
  • + Extra Character: 1.5 multiplier
  • + Shading: 1.50$ (USD)
  • + Background: 1.50$ (USD)


Pixel Animations
Here is my prices for pixel animations! Every animation has a minimal of 3 frames.
  • 30×30 animation: 7.50$ (+2.50$ per extra frame.)
  • 50×50 animation: 11.50$ (+3.50$ per extra frame.)
  • 75×75 animation: 17.25$ (+5.75$ per extra frame.)
  • 100×100 animation: 23$ (+7.50$ per extra frame.)


If you're interested, please message me! I would reather talk to you on telegram, but you can message me here and on FA as well! My telegram tag is bxb777

Before you commission me, i would like for you to read my TOS. I take it seriously. docs.google.com: TOS