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Open for Traditional Commissions! Sketches, Linearts, Pencilisms, and Watercolors!

Opening up traditional commissions to draw a character of your liking! Whether it is humans, anthros, animals, creatures, or even your original characters, I can draw them in my style!

Just note that i do not have my computer with me to give high quality scans of my drawings to you. Until i am able to get it back, I will be using my smartphone's camera for now and contact you when i can send your drawing more neatly. Also all drawings are sent DIGITALLY!

To acquire a drawing, you must:

- Provide written details of your character and any references needed to help me visualize what you want. Also list down what type of drawing you want (ex. Sketch Waist).

- Send these details and references through private messages only, and i will then determine the price of your drawing for you.

- After the price is determined, send your full payment immediately for me to start working on your drawing. If you have a Paypal account, send your payment to my paypal address, myfantasiworld08@yahoo.com

Now here is a list of prices and types of commissions for you to choose from (I will provide drawing examples as soon as possible):

Sketches: (will be colored digitally when I get back computer, like this: myfantasiworld.deviantart.com: Benjamin Carmine Reloaded
- Waist: $10
- Body: $15

- Waist: $25
- Body: $30

- Waist: $35
- Body: $40

- Waist: $45
- Body: $50

Extra Pricing:
- Detailing (for each character): $5
- Extra Character $5

If you have any questions, dont hesitate to ask! If you want to know what my particular style is, you can go to this site: MyFantasiWorld on DeviantArt .

I work on drawings from Monday-Friday 10:00 am to 6:00 pm pacific time. May change depending on my situation.
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