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Free Art: (Open) Free badges, UK only! (Read description)


Fallen Angel
I'm looking to draw a couple of watercolour badges to use as commission examples!

I'm hoping to mail them, so this is UK only for the moment. It'll be 2nd class mail so I also do apologise if it's lost or damaged, but as I'm covering the shipping I don't want to spend a fortune on it. I'll send you photos of it so either way you'll get something out of it!
You also have to be over 18 or have permission from a parent/guardian to give an address to send to (tell me in DMs if I choose you! Don't comment your address please lmao), and if you aren't comfortable with this then I'm afraid I won't be able to mail it to you. I will still consider your character to draw, but I'll only be able to provide photos (and my camera isn't the best lol).

They'll be laminated, and either a headshot or halfbody as I feel. I won't be taking suggestions on how you want these, since it's free art they'll be artistic freedom.

I've attached an example of a badge I made myself, I'm hoping to experiment a smidge though.

Leave your refs below if you've read the rules and I'll message you if I decide to draw your character. Make sure to leave the character's name, maybe a sentence about them too! Let me know if you're happy for it to be shipped too. You can keep dropping refs as long as the thread is marked open, and you can leave multiple references.

Happy Hannukah everyone, now post those fuzzbutts of yours!! >:D


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Simply magical~ ✨