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[open] Limited Slot Discount Commissions - Deals on Multiples!!


Artist, biologist, professional napper.
Hey everyone! I'm running a special deal before I open full commissions on FA - test commission slots at a sales price. Only one commission style phase will open at a time. Each style will have 5 slots open. After that, it is closed until commissions are fully open.

*All commissions must be SFW. Anthro, human, feral are all good! I will draw most things, but I reserve the right to refuse any subject.

B/W Lineart [currently open]


Black and white full-body lineart of one character. $7 each - two for $12 - three for $15

  1. TAKEN, thank you!
  2. TAKEN, thank you!
  3. TAKEN, thank you!
  4. open
  5. open
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