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Hi everybody!!!!
Nice guy named Boddy wait you!
www.furaffinity.net: [OPEN] New adoptable guy named Bobby by SamashTommy

Two candy adoptions for sale!
www.furaffinity.net: Two candy adoptions for sale! by SamashTommy

Two pretty furrydoogies!

www.furaffinity.net: [OPEN] 2 adoptable Fattydoggies by SamashTommy

More on our FA page!
Also we take comission!

Head (b|w - 5$, colored - 7) , Bust (b|w - 7, colored - 10) or Full body (b|w - 15, colored - 20);
Colored or black and white;
Different backgroudns (+5 simple ->);
Real persons, your original characters or characters from movies, books etc.

Payment via PayPal (USD). Ask us any questions about comissions! And visit us on SamashTommy on DeviantArt
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