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[Open] Looking for some Weight gain/Inflation RP


A Chubby Bull
Hello there!

I'm looking for meanwhile a few years, and I'm kinda unable to find people / or at least someone who is really interested in weight gain (and similar) stuff.
Usually, roleplay stuff I'm mainly looking for is weight gain (obviously), hyper, vore, popping, un/willing, and also sometimes micro (macro?) but I'm also very flexible and there are only a few things I say no to.

It's a huge plus for me if someone is a herm, but I also play FxM and MxM.
Required for me is only that I'm the feedee.

Mainly I play on Telegram or Discord! Name: Glurex | Ravit

~ English is btw. not my native language so... there are sometimes probably a few grammar mistakes!
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