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✨⭐️ Hey there!! My commission slots are all open and available! ⭐️✨
Prices and styles are listed in the above images.

✨OCs, Sonas, Furry, Human, Critter, whatever you’d like! ✨

⭐️>>No NSFW<<⭐️
(I reserve the right to decline commission offers of things I’m not comfortable drawing as I see fit!)

✨ For orders, quotes, customs or questions, dm me or send me an email! ✨

⭐️ All payments completed through PayPal invoices. ⭐️
Email/PayPal is planetaryrings1@gmail.com

General info/tos: Turnaround time of two weeks begins after the invoice is paid. There is a refund available period of 24 hours after the invoice is paid- after that, refunds are not available. Progress shots will periodically be sent to the commissioner and the art will be adjusted if the commissioner sees fit throughout the process. I’ll do a final check with the commissioner once I’m done, and then send the finished file(s) to the commissioner. I always ask the commissioner if I may post the finished piece to my social media pages, and if they’d like a process video posted. The commissioner is free to post the art wherever they please, so long as I’m credited!

My links if you’d like to look more at my art!
✨ instagram
⭐️ tumblr
⭐️ furaffinity

1. Filled!
2. Filled!
5. OPEN​
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