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(Commission) Selling: [OPEN] Queenie's Commissions {$30+}{Furry, Human, Fantasy | Lineart, Flat Color, Full Color, Chibis, Refs}

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Hi there! The name's Queenie and I'm a disabled artist! I've been doing commissions for years now. My specialty has changed as time goes by and my art style is constantly shifting... but currently I do a combination of furry and human art. Every month (or two) I take on 1 - 3 commissions to supplement my income.

Base prices range from $30 - $100 for a single character piece with no BG/simple shapes BG. Extra characters and BGs can push the price higher.

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Note: I no longer take very NSFW commissions, but I will still do mild nudity, pin ups, softcore stuff, and latex art so long as it stays within my comfort zone!
I used to do quite a bit of latex art... so I don't mind drawing a bit now and then! ;)

You can find my ToS and a typed copy of my prices: HERE.

If interested in commissioning me you can DM me on Twitter (preferred) or FurAffinity!
(You can also comment on this thread or message me here, but... I'm most likely to see it quickly on twitter or FA proper, in that order.)

So that I can quickly give you an accurate price quote... When you message me it would be great if you could:
  • Tell me what type of commission you want and if you want a BG​
  • Give me character refs if you have them.
    (If you don't have any... a detailed description and inspiration photos will usually work! Especially if its a ref or design commission.)
  • Tell me if you have a certain pose, situation, or theme in mind! (Even if it's just "draw them being happy/sad".)
  • Being specific is great! But just giving me a basic run down is fine too.​
By the way: If you want to see more examples, its best to check my Pinned Tweet on twitter! I have 3 art moments pinned. One for Fan Art (idols) and two yearly compilations (2021, 2022). My FA has examples too of course.
Oh and psst... I'll gladly draw pretty much any species, any at all, but when it comes to furries... I enjoy drawing dogs/canines, horses, bears, and rodents the most! They have fun face shapes~. I think those are my strong suit! Maybe? I'd like to think so. : D

I think that's it! If I think of anything else I'll add it.
I looking forward to hopefully working with you and hope you have a great day~!

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Slots and Finished Commissions

Current Slots:

  • Phi (Full Color Full Body) (Full Coloring)
  • Blitz (Full Color, Wasit Up Couple + BG) (Full Coloring)
  • OPEN
Recently finished commissions:
(commissions finished after Jun 13 2022; will link to a tweet and/or FA submission)
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I'd like to order
I'm sorry for the delayed response!
I had a little crisis happen this week and didn't pay any attention to FA.

If you're still interested, you can DM me here on the forums or over here.
(You'll get a faster response from me on the gallery side of FA.)

For everyone else, I'm still open for 1 or 2 more slots.
Covid swept through our household last month and I had to use the money I had set aside to pay bills to support myself, my mom, and my sick friend.
Really need to get at least one good commission this month.