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Open RP - Forest Clearing


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The bushes to the edges seem to rustle as a bulky dark gray wolf with piercing blue eyes emerges, she seems ordinary enough other than the blue jay that sat loyally on her back. Her tail had feathers from the bird twined into her fur and a bear tooth necklace. "If you're looking for food, you hunt." She said gruffly as she shouldered her way towards the group through the low hanging branches. "Or are you just some feeble two leg?" She sneered. The blue jay seemed to caw in laughter with her. (hope u dont mind me hopping in !)
"That's how I got here! I was hunting, and somehow found my way here..."


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The she-wolf, Rune, looked Tyll'a up and down and sniffed. "Hm, I don't smell any prey on you..." She said. Flicking her ear the blue jay flew off. Moments passed before it returned with a whistle, flying in circles. Rune looked a little too smug as she listened to the bird. "Haven says there's three squirrels to the North, and a fat thrush to the South," She stated as the bird, named Haven, landed neatly on her head. "So... Care to go hunting?" Rune said dryly

(( forgot to add her pics: https://sta.sh/229lr16eerho?edit=1 runes only appear when she uses her powers))
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{I won't be online very much for a long while, sorry! You guys are on your own! Do whatever you want as long as it follows the rules and stays in the forest and the clearing! <3}


Tiny blue piece of shit
Tyll'a nods. "That sounds like a good idea."
Rune shrugged and stood, the bird giving an indignant squawk, fluttering to rest on her shoulders and nestling into her thick neck fur. Rune raised her head and sniffed, moving towards Southern Thrush. Moving through the underbrush, she paused making sure Tyll'a was following. "I think it's in the bush with the blue flowers at the base," She whispered, jerking her head towards a bush heavy with berries. A silvery brown thrush sat in one of the branches pecking lazily at a berry.