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Off the bench
;w; all righty then, you got a magic chessboard?
*Rummaging through pockets, the following items tossed out *

The necronomicon
A crystal skull
A Zuni fetish doll (looks like a pygmy)
Money's paw
Several ogre teeth
And a picture of a beautiful cat girl

Rave the party wolf

Repeatedly discovering how a pencil works.

Doodle Bunny

Definitely a rabbit... 100%...
A bedraggled, brown rabbit enters the bar. She carries a bulky bag for her small frame and is draped in a tattered, green cloak.

She literally hops up onto the stool, and places her head in her paws.

“What a day...” the new rabbit moans in exhaustion.

Doodle Bunny

Definitely a rabbit... 100%...
The rabbit takes a brief moment to look around the place.

“Not bad for one day,” she comments, “I wouldn’t have guessed it.”