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Free Art: [open] Searching characters for illustrations

Hello there!

I'm practicing my digital illustration skills and doing a background challenge. But I also include some characters and stories into these illustrations, and thought that maybe some of you would like to sacrifice me your oc :D
Example of my latest works. I'll keep drawing in this style, focusing more on background, but it still would be fun for me to draw different characters. I'll also keep it SFW and fantasy-themed.


There is 30 themes in total, here is list of first 10, I've already done 2 (wow) and have some ideas for few others, but not sure yet.
  1. swamp
  2. misty forest
  3. hot desert
  4. chalk cliffs
  5. scorched desert
  6. jungle
  7. sea shore
  8. ocean floor
  9. juniper forest
  10. coastal cliffs
Leave your character references, if you're interested.
You can also ask for concrete location and/or plot, but I can handle it by myself. I'll choose characters randomly, maybe even few different for one artwork.
Notice, that I might change outfit for the sake of better fitting into setting :)
(e.g. characters on desert illustration will definitely be wearing some bedouin-ish clothes)

Bluefiremark II

Magic Blue Phoenix
Userpage of BluefiremarkII -- Fur Affinity [dot] net

There's my gallery.. you can choose whichever one you like best honestly.. and the backround- whatever you think matches the character of choice best.. but if you can't pick just do Blue.. if you have comments questions or whatever feel free to tell me! -you'll probably like these characters since most are fantasy themed.. :3
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Ohh these are neat. How about my headhunter Cahaya for your jungle scene?


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I'll offer my roster in case any of them catch your interest.

BrnctKhei on Toyhouse

Ake probably wouldn't work for this due to her scale but the rest would be fine in a fantasy setting.

Thanks for looking either way!

Jackpot Raccuki

Vibing Raccuki
I'll have to get a better reference image, especially for the pirate. Since I mostly drew him semi-nude because he doesn't care for clothing, but I'd want him to get a full pirate captain outfit soon.
I recommend mostly the one on the right since he's a pirate and might go well with the scene, the one on the left is his lover whose a knight.

I'd imagine them on the sea shore most likely having a romantic moment together.
Since Fraz shouldn't be with Klaubern as he's a pirate, meaning he's an outlaw but the two are still together.

Fraz.png Klaubern.png
Fraz Divo (Left, Knight)
Klaubern (Right, Pirate)
The two of them are 'kobolds', ideally a good way would be to imagine them as a grizzly dog. :p

I'll still lurk here to check out the cool art, love the backgrounds.
Hello there!

I would be happy if I could see my OC in one of your worlds.

From your list scorched desert would be good but some other fiery place like a vulcanic island or an underword would fit him as well.


Thank you for doing this!

The 2 you made so far are really good! They remind me of children stories. :)


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You've had the pleasure of drawing Coffee before, I think. If you're interested, whichever scene you think would suit her, I'd love!


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Hey thanks for this cool opportunity! Both my girls are based in a fantasy world and I think would possibly be good for the juniper forest, and Sasha at least would be good on the coastal cliffs. She is a baroness, and her castle is located in a coastal town with cliffs to the north. Zelda was her childhood friend and hunting teacher, and lives in a forest pack. I’m not sure juniper is right, but it might be interesting. She could also be with Sasha st the cliffs, since by adulthood, she began visiting Sasha in town and at the castle instead of Sasha having to always come to the forest.

www.furaffinity.net: Sasha Reference Art by SashaBengal

www.furaffinity.net: Zelda Skyfire Ref by SashaBengal


Your art is really awesome!
May I try my luck with my D&D character? He's a wandering bard, but he's really open for adventure and can play other roles if needed.
Anything would work, except for the underwater one, as he's phobic of water.
Hyrokin on Toyhouse

Thanks a lot for the chance!

Rap Daniel

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I'd love to see Rap at Hogwarts! Draw him doing anything you like, and if you want to draw him wearing Hogwarts robes, he's in Hufflepuff House!

I'd love to see Rap at Hogwarts! Draw him doing anything you like, and if you want to draw him wearing Hogwarts robes, he's in Hufflepuff House!


Sorry, there is no Hogwarts in my list :>
When I said that location can be chosen, I've meant "any from my list". Sorry for mislead


If you're still open, I'd love to see my 80's girl Deathless with the ocean floor background!
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Your art is really impressive. Reminds me of art straight out of children's tales and atmospheric indie games. Coastal cliffs sounds dope. Feel free to use my (NSFW) girl for it if you'd like.

Rap Daniel

Clever dino wizard boi
Sorry, there is no Hogwarts in my list :>
When I said that location can be chosen, I've meant "any from my list". Sorry for mislead
Well then do any background, all I really want is a picture of Rap in his Hogwarts robes, haha!