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(Commission) Selling: ($15+) [OPEN](SFW) Feral, Anthro & Humanoid Commissions!

Hey everyone! I'm currently open for commissions of various kinds, and will be open for the foreseeable future!
I can and love to draw anthro, humanoid, and feral characters. All my art is SFW.
If you are interested please DM me here or note me on FA and let's work something out! ^^
*I would also like to add that I am able to draw and love drawing uncommon species such as primates, reptiles, elephants, sea creatures, insects and more, and will happily work with you to decide on what level of stylization you would like the finished product to be in! ^^



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Does the example with that rabbit character count as a $15 headshot?
Does the example with that rabbit character count as a $15 headshot?
Yes, I think he would be considered a bit closer to $20 but headshots are usually the head, neck, and sometimes a tiny bit of shoulder! Half body typically includes the whole torso and arms. The feline next to him would be a $15 headshot for sure.
What's the difference between the general and custom categories?
General means it's an existing character of yours I'd be drawing. Custom means that I'd be creating an entirely new character for you, or, I would be drawing a character who has no existing art yet, so I would be the first one to design it visually!