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Hello there everyone! I apologize if this isn't the right forum for this, but since this is concept work I figured it would be okay to post here.

I recently created a Squishable design and submitted it to the Squishable team over at Squishable.com, and back in May it was accepted to be voted on for a chance to be made into the next Squishable. This is the design I came up with:


I wanted to show this little guy to you all, and also ask for your help! You see, he's up for voting right now, and if he can maintain a score of 4.2 or above he'll be picked to be made into a prototype! If you're interested in helping me out, check him out over here: LINK

I would absolutely appreciate anyone checking him out and giving him a vote of 5 if you'd like to see him made into a toy.