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Open Submissions Databases

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New Member
We're getting fragmentation between FA, DA, VCL, YGal and Sheezy. Other sites (FAP, Furry Art Pile) are starting to open too. So for the convenience of the watchers and artists, make the submissions database open for read access from other sites, and the watches page check other sites for artist updates.

Trout uploads submission A to FA.
-A added to FA's DB (DataBase)

Trout uploads submission B to FAP
- B added to FAP's DB

Minnow checks their watches page on YGal.
- YGal checks cached Trout gallery RSS feeds
- - YGal fetches another copy of the RSS feeds from FA, and elsewhere.
- - YGal fetches A from FA and B from FAP, and caches them.
- YGal shows the gallery

Thus, the submission bandwidth cost is with the site the watcher prefers (and thus they get advert dollars), and the artist need not upload each image a zillion times.
It does increase bandwidth slightly, but it more than reduces it in people checking multiple sites just to see if each of their favourite artists has updated.

Plus it serves as impetus for user interface and feature enhancements.


Care to join me in my lab?
It might be a neat side project, but I would think that something like that would be better as a separate program that could be downloaded. No reason to increase bandwidth on a site like this.


New Member
Well thats the thing though, it'll only increase it by maybe five image downloads, one for each site thats on the OSD system.
If everyone were to do it with seperate programs, not only would they be downloading one image for each person, the sites would not get any advertising/subscription money.

Yeah, it'd be a fair old bit of work, but it'd pay off in impetus to improve user interfaces 'n' shiznitz.


Verbose Senior Bitch
I for one wonder how something like that would be affected by various TOSes.
Not real interested in having my writing available in an open DB that can simply be RSS'd from anywhere without the framework of a site around it.

My initial reaction: No.