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(Commission) Selling: (OPEN)Various commission options available, Starting at $5-$100

Hello and thank you for checking out my commissions!
You may call me Kat


To add to the list, I will also do Chibi style for $25
-more for realistic shading, less for speed paint:

As well as references, prices vary depending on how detailed.
Simple ones start at $40-$50


To see more of my work you can go to:
ArtofaWhiteDragon | DeviantArt
Userpage of WhiteDragonArts -- Fur Affinity [dot] net

What I will draw:

> Animals and fantasy creatures
> Anthros/furries
> A real life person or animal portrait painted from a photograph
> Landscapes
> Chibi
> Custom designs

What I will not draw:

> Fetishes
> Blood and gore


>Payments will be through Paypal, USD
>I expect half or full payment at the time the commission is requested and started
>No refunds unless I am unable to finish(unexpected surgery as an example)

Terms of Service:

>Commissioner may only use the artwork for personal use.
>Commissioner may not claim the finished artwork as their own work.
>I reserve the right to use the image for self-promotion unless the commission is agreed to be a “private commission”.
>If you do not want your commission to be posted publicly online, please inform me beforehand.
>I reserve the right to decline or cancel any commission request that I don’t think I can complete to a satisfactory standard.


Post here or send me a message with the following form or anything else you want to add.

>Name: What would you like to be called
>Contact Info: Best way to contact you
>Budget: I will work with you
>Commission type: Headshot/Fullbody/etc.
>Characters references: Image references are preferred, but I have done design
commissions as well, they would just cost a little bit extra.
>Pose/expression: If requested
>Background: Simple, transparent, or detailed backgrounds
>Extras: Any other information you think it’s important for me to know to draw the character(s) right!

Thank you for reading and for helping a starving artist! If you have any questions feel free to comment or send me a private message, I am also on discord for faster talking - Teapot#7445. I look forward to working with you!​
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