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OPEN wizarding world rp

Sokrio Nazuri

Midnight’s Advocate
Sokrio took in his surroundings. There were books that adorned almost every wall, and fancy medieval style decorations throughout the huge lobby - with quartz stairs on both sides spiraling all the way to the 12th floor. There was also a fountain straight ahead that seemed to be overflowing with the very essence of life itself - the fluid sparkled, and gave off a magnificent blue glow. “Who said there wasn’t a fountain of youth?” he joked to himself.


Stubborn Caracal
A ghostly form of a cat appears from Tyll'a's focus. "My stubbornness got to me in the end. I ended up dying from an infected wound while my Tyll was pregnant with my son here."

Tyll'a tells Universe, "Yes, I think you are." He then looks to the ghost. "Father..."


Stubborn Caracal
"As for why I'm here, I'd like to learn more about my magic. I've only had two teachers so far. One was father, but he can't manifest for very long at a time. And the other..."

Tyll'a removes his eyepatch, revealing a scarred, empty eye socket where his right eye had once been.

"He was more interested in exploiting me than actually teaching me."


Stubborn Caracal
"No, it wasn't father that did this. It was my other teacher...if you could call him that. If I never see that lizard again, it will still be too soon. Wait, you'll teach me?"

zyther kaldrok

the strange hyena
"you dont know HOW DO YOU NOT KNOW" zyther pulls out his wand "radaralus tangois" a misty haze surround the 2 and it shows green skulls in the local area "those are depreckoners corrupt creatures of the locot cult that devour magic users"