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OPEN wizarding world rp


Most powerful dragon human hybrid in the universe
Draco then looked shocked “wait No way are you who I think you are?” He said his wings flinging up into the air in shock. “I’ve seen you in my visions but I’ve never seen your face.” “You’re the Creator of the universe aren’t you?”
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Sneaky Lurker Boi?
“Oh ok! I’ll go get Rogue!” He then ran back into the infirmary and slapped Rogue in the face several times. “Wake up!”

“Ow ow ow! Ok, ok, I’m up.”

“The Creator’s injured. You mind...”

“Patching him up? Sure can do!”
He said with a sarcastic tone. Rogue floated down the hill and healed the Creator.”


Sneaky Lurker Boi?
“Oh crap. Let me in now!” Rogue shouted to Aaron, and he rushed to posess him. He then ran over to the Creator and dragged him into the infirmary. “Sorry for the dragging, it was faster that way.”