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Hiring: ($150+) Opening project up to new artist ($150 and Up)


About once a year I like to return to the forums here and open myself up to new artist who might be interested in working with me. Currently I am working on a Pokemon based novel that I post new chapters for about every week to every ten days. Part of that is having cover art or side art done of the characters. You don't have to actually read the story if you are not interested in doing so but it would help give you a better understanding.

I'll drop a few of the possible pairings here and if you are interested in learning more please contact me. I will warn that I do not always return back to the forms that fast. My DMs are open so please feel free to contact me there.

1) Zorua x Fennekin
2) Minccino x Quilava
3) Shaymin x Jirachi


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I'd love to, my costs depend on the pokemon in question and their complexity, for what you're asking for

1) Zorua x Fennekin 60USD (full body full color)
2) Minccino x Quilava 60 USD
3) Shaymin x Jirachi 60 USD

Here's some samples of my Pokemon work as well as my commissions sheet


If that interests you, HMU through discord! Riboo#5557


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Heya! I'd defintiely be interested in working with you on one or all of the covers and i have quite a bit of experience drawing Pokémon characters.
For a 2 character, full body and fully color/shaded piece it'd be around $80. For the same, but thigh up would be $52, and busts would be $30.
Feel free to check my gallery here: https://www.furaffinity.net/gallery/lunneus/folder/364866/Paid-Work

If you'd like, you can contact me via email at kaytsmarr@gmail.com or ethoxyribose@gmail.com, or on twitter via DMs https://twitter.com/Lunneus
And i have a few examples of Pokémon characters attached


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