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Opinion on moods


What DOES my username mean...?
if i'm in a bad mood, i prefer to be left alone...unless you wanna rub my back or something~. it's really frustrating that people can't seem to fuckin' GET that or take it personally. Telling me to feel better doesn't do anything but make my bad mood worse! it's even worse when i'm not in a bad mood and somebody tells me i am in a bad mood. What!? i have actually had people argue with me out of a good mood and into a bad one because they thought i was having a bad mood in denial in the first place!! W-W-What!?!? How do you even think that!?

Dammit, Zipline! You put me in a bad mood now...


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I like to tell people to leave me alone but on the inside I want nothing more than to be cheered up by them.
I only want senpai to notice me :c
*rubs back* Sorry? .___.
You best give a good back rub. You done fucked up.


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Depends on context and who's trying to cheer me up, among what's probably a bunch of different factors like biologically and such. I don't really have simple solutions for a bad mood, although lately it hasn't really been an issue.


I like being alone and phoning people when I'm upset, I prefer that often than talking face to face especially when I'm in a bad mood!


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I prefer to be by myself when upset or angry because I don't want them to see me in that state


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I like to tell people to fuck off, because when I'm in the bad mood I usually say things which hurt them and I regret that later


Depends on the situation, honestly. If anything, I tend to get depressed over small things (It's just part of having anxiety disorder). I try my best to leave myself be if I KNOW that it's not a big deal or if I don't want to bother anyone; but sometimes I just end up giving in and asking a friend for a hug.

I need to make my husband a super-awesome dinner one of these nights. X3 He deals with so much of my emotional baggage as is, he deserves some extra love for it.

Also, I agree with a lot of what you guys are saying on the whole "Telling someone to not be depressed thing." Saddening to say, most of the people I know in my life either have depression or have gone through some really, REALLY rough times. I learned early that, for the most part, people would rather have a shoulder to cry on over being told how to feel. If I do discuss what might be bothering someone WITH them, I'll often try to give something constructive, and let them know that I completely understand that it's just healthy to be sad sometimes.

As for anger? Fuck that noise. XD I'm such a pussy, I never stay angry for more than MAYBE a half hour; as is there's only one bitch I can name that i'd punch in the throat (She's done so much shit to my family and ruined my uncl'es life. Only reason she's alive right now is because of my cousin). Afterwards, I just end up sad again. I have a lot of patience when people get annoyed or pissed off... but if it gets ridiculous, I WILL say something to try and either calm them down, or bring them back down to earth... and for the people that I do know IRL, they know that I wouldn't say something unless it was necessary.


Really depends on what caused the bad mood. Humiliation/embarrassment? Alone, thank you. Pretty much anything else? HELP ME VENT, DAMN IT!!!

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If you are in a bad mood, do you prefer to be left alone or have someone to cheer you up? I usually want to be left alone but if someone asked me what was wrong I would still tell them. What do you prefer?
I like to be alone. I can't process my own thoughts when I am upset while receiving input that I don't want to hear.

Also, I do some pretty fucked up things when I'm pissed or upset, the kind of things I don't want to be caught doing.


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Left alone...
If you accidently interrupt me stop drop and mother fucking role outta there


i just leave...go for a walk or something for however long it takes to clear my mind. it's better than doing something you'll regret later.


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Really depends on what caused the bad mood. Humiliation/embarrassment? Alone, thank you. Pretty much anything else? HELP ME VENT, DAMN IT!!!
Same right here, I could probably talk your ear off with something that pissed me off. If it's extremely personal though, I will want to be left alone. Only because I need time to let my head rest and calm down. I've had REALLY rough moments from being in an abusive relationship with another fur and it scarred me wooo, fun!~.


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If you are in a bad mood, do you prefer to be left alone or have someone to cheer you up?
I would bet the shit out of the cheer me up guy... everyone that ever tryed it made things worse but if someone asks whats wrong i will tell the person and then tell the person to leave me alone