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Opinions on anthro hair


Dragon Doodler with a Tail Snake
It depends how you want to come across. Anthro hair is perfectly fine on certain characters especially if the character has fur to begin with.

Hair, Horns, Scales, Feathers, Spikes (like a hedgehog), Elements (like fire)... There are so many different types of ways to give your character interesting "features".

If a character has features in certain areas. You'd expect those features to be prevalent on other parts of the body.
Using different substitutes are usually better for design features instead.

Take my characters design for example

Instead of hair. Fins are all in place or spikes (to replace eyebrows and beard stubble)

In the end it is personal preference. I try to avoid drawing Hair on non-mammals when possible (replacing them with features that would benefit them)


I generally prefer anthros with hair. I usually at least give them a little bit of extra scruff or a cowlick. I'm not terribly crazy about furs with super long hair (that isn't in the form of a mane or smth) but I think that's also just a general character design preference of mine.