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Opinions on huMan story and others



I'm making a huMan repost ch.1 because I didnt put much effort in the one I made a long time ago. The story is about Edward, a black wolf who's usually lonely but sometimes can be the life of the party. One day, he meets a human who is nicknamed "Angel". Now with Edward having company with a creature who's the greatest weapon of furrykind and not supposed to be in furry world, he must protect her at all costs from Crossworlds Organization.
What do you think of it? Should I add something? Please post honest opinions.
I also have three more stories in development hell: GANG, which is about two gangs clashing out in New Haven, Trance, a furry who's tangled up in the life of raves, and Shake The Glitter, a 20 yr girl who's a kid at heart being slapped in the face by reality until she realizes she's not a kid anymore.