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Opinions please


Don't believe the mask...
This should go in the Tutorials and Critiques part of the Art Shack. c:

As for the image, it's actually pretty good for a first attempt at drawing. What program did you use? And is this your first attempt at drawing in general, or just your first attempt at drawing with a computer?


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First drawings were never meant to be good. keep it though, when you look back it'll make you smile. Keep drawing.

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Hey ya know Ive seen worse. It's not the best but it dosn't suck or anything. Just keep it up! You get better as you draw more.

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Prob better than if i tryed something.
I would say it is good for a first try, and drawing on a pc takes a little bit to get used to.

Just keep practicing, and you should get better bit by bit.


Did you draw that with your mouse?

Van Ishikawa

I wish I could get this message to all the fledgling artists out there, but this will have to do:

Your first drawing will always be terrible. Always. You shouldn't need critique on your first drawing because you yourself should realize just how flawed it really is. There is hardly anything to critique on with the first drawing because you haven't even trained your hand to draw simple shapes yet. No amount of anatomy lessons or photoshop tutorials will change the fact that you can't draw anything yet.

This is not intended to discourage you new artists. Learning to draw is a long and painful process for almost everyone. But you have to understand that critique helps point out the flaws among the successes. When you first start out, there is little to nothing good to work off of. You're trying to build a house without tools or lumber.

Keep at it though. Work on your drawing ability, draw simple things and turn them into complex pieces. Draw every day. Get your hand used to drawing curves, lines, circles, triangles, rectangles, and other shapes, because this will let you draw beautiful landscapes and fascinating creatures in the future. When you can look at a piece, say "I think it's pretty good, but something is still off and I don't know what", THAT is the perfect time to turn to critique to bring you to the next level.


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Needs work to say it nicely. I just put a few of my first sketches in my scraps section because I knew they weren't very good. I'm not going to show off my art until I think its decent enough to generate some interest on its own. I don't really like my avatar much either, but I think its better than something random.

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'S better than mine. Keep doing it, and you will find that you will improve greatly.


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AAaannnnd, get used to drawing on paper first.

The overwhelming majority of the digital art you see here (even those whose artists are using graphics tablets) was not drawn on the computer--they were drawn, and most likely inked, on paper first, then scanned into the computer for coloring. Trying to learn to draw exclusively by the method you used to make this pic will drive you up a wall.

(oh yeah, for most people, it takes many years (and hundreds, maybe even a few thousand pictures) before one starts to exhibit measurable competence at drawing)


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Although this artist http://www.painterly.co.uk/ has proven it is entirely possible to not be trained traditionally to work digitally there are still many advantages to having a regular sketchbook.

Simplicity. It's simple, you don't have to worry about much else than an eraser and writing utensil with paper. You don't have to wait for your sketchbook to load an OS and start up. It's ready when you got the pencil/writing utensil (some people like doing ink studies).

Portability. It's a bit hard to take your tablet every where you go and have it ready on the spur of the moment idea.

More likely to learn from mistakes As much as I love undo and redo, it's a killer. Instead of working a drawing through, you just go in this constant undo/redo cycle than really solve problems. Pencil and Paper or mediums like Ink are less forgiving. This actually, I truly believes works more in your favor than doesn't when learning.

Most people are going to be unimpressed with your first drawing. Some people like giving the backpats of "it's better than what I can do" but really that's bs. Look, with very rare exceptions we all sucked. Just because you put salt, pepper, lettuce, and tomato, on a shit sandwich doesn't really make it anymore tasty.

It's going to suck if you don't have the right ingredients and that's learning foundations. This also takes practice. You might get discouraged because it takes a while, but then look at the many things we do today that is considered mundane or second nature.

(Granted what I'm posting below has various degrees of success with people but you get the idea)

Tying our shoes.
Being housebroken/potty trained.
Reading and reading comprehension.
Pouring liquids into containers without spilling them all over the damn place.
Walking without falling all over oneself.
Riding a Bike
Driving a Car

So these things took time, in fact things like reading and other types of education took years. It's the same with drawing, and like some courses at school some things you caught on faster than others. Drawing again is no different, some things you'll catch on some things will be more frustrating.

It is up to you if and how much time you're willing to work into improving.
you may want to draw human faces first, just so you are a little more familiar with proportion. as a rule of thumb, the eyes should each be about 1/5 of the width of the head each.

Then start drawing animal heads, though I can't give much advice on them, because I haven't drawn any before...


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Thanks everyone for your opinions. Its just the very motivation to keep me trying harder and more often. Electropanda I used twisted brush just a simple free program.


ಠ_ಠ What the.... ಠ_ಠ
Better than I've seen :D
Try Working with Skeletons ( the Guidelines )
It'll look more... Animalistic or Humane :\
or It'll just give it a Round head :D I dunno lol
Well Lets Just Say It was Nice :D