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Opinions:Should you post your original species for all to view?


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If you had a species that you created, and are proud of, and wanted to post it online, should you?

I am curious to others opinion on the matter.


Its a catch 22, There is always a chance that a person might get inspiration from your idea and and do their own variations, there is nothing you can do about it unless they copy your artwork blatantly. People steal, mix and reassemble ideas. However there is 'nothing new under the sun' so it's most likely that your critter is similar to what someone else has created already.

Keep in mind: It's almost impossible to improve as an artist if you never show your stuff to people to get their input.
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Roose Hurro

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Well I don't know what the fuck else you'd do with it. Everyone subconsciously steals ideas even if they don't intend to so who gives a shit.

Duality Jack

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What about a humanoid tiger like beast with digitigrade legs chitinous plates, scaled wings and a tail with a mace end that can grip stuff? that's Kinda-sorta origional. Actually I kinda want that now. WTF furries.

Kit H. Ruppell

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If nobody else sees it, what's the point?