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Which do you like better?

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commission artist
I have had my sona for about a year and I prefer natural looking sonas more often than not because neon green foxes get old. So when I made mine, I went for a more natural look and also incorporated parts of irl me (spot placement lines up with my irl skin condition and hair type/color)
So I have a cow with brown spots. No big deal and I love her, but lately I was thinking 'what if i had made her pink? would I have become as attached with such an unnatural look? would more/less people like her? would I have a better shot in freebie threads?'
granted the last one is shallow and stupid.
but 'd like to know what you guys think for shits n giggles, which version of Pepper do you like more?


Belladonna Nightingale
Natural all the way!! Stay true to you and what you like! It's your fursona after all, and if you aren't happy with her, then what's the point?


Daedric Prince of Secrets
I'm one for more natural colouration as well, but I think I actually prefer the pink a little more. It pairs nicely with the light main color.

Maybe a lighter shade of brown would also be nice?


Lover of Beasty Baes
I also like the brown-

But giving her some pink features might be cute. (inner ear, nose, maybe a few discoloration spots)


commission artist
I don't know what to say to be honest. Thank you for the opinions!
I feel less unsure about my choice now, and the reminder to keep the pink inner ear when I forget.
Thank you every one <3