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Opposite gender Fursonas

Vespula Vulgaris

Wasp Queen
Hi. I am a female, and so is my main Fursona, Vespula. But my side sona is a male Raptor (Dinosaur) named Aldric. He's a character from when I considered myself to be androgynous, and I was very much in touch with my masculine side. I still definitely have a hidden masculine side, even though I go around talking about femininity and female power, and wearing five pounds of glitter make-up. Aldric represents my masculine side. But, what I'm asking is if it's okay to have an opposite gender sona? Does anybody else have one?


There r ppl who make fursonas just to wack off to them so they make em the opposite gender

either thts or their closet transsexuals

Hikaru Okami

Radiant Wolf
Happens often. There's plenty of people with multiple sonas of gender, age, sexuality, whatever floats their furry boat. As for me Hikaru is all I got. Had him for about 7 years and I really can't come up with any other sona.


#1 Most Requested Croconaw
I don't have a sona yet, but it's going to definitely be a rat, haha. I'm not sure aboit having a sona of the opposite gender as opposed to jusf a character. I wouldn't want to be represented as the wrong gender. I don't want guys hitting on me, haha!


New Member
You don't need a male char to represent your strong masculine side. Female can be just as strong and powerful too. Don't let those men oppress you.

Vespula Vulgaris

Wasp Queen
It's not about that. Even in roleplays on Facebook, like Hunger Games and stuff, I usually play as a boy. I guess I might just be trying to create my ideal male or something. I give them the personalities I like to see in a guy. And I used to be androgynous, and more male than female, because I thought that it was weird for a girl to like Spider-man and action figures and fighting. But, now I realize that a girl can be feminine and still like those things. But, I like the male characters I created. They're kinda hawt.


#1 Most Requested Croconaw
I think you're just incredibly cool, haha.


The Last of Us.
I dont see why liking a few boyish things has makes you be a male, there' are shit loads of trans this and that furries out there, its confusing as fuck.


Your Friendly Neighborhood Dino Therapist
My fursona is male, and my deutersona (secondary fursona) is female. So, there you are.


Destroyer of Nazi Teddy Bears
I think you're putting too much thought into something either trivial or very personal depending on how you look at the fandom and the idea of a fursona.

The answer is: do what you want.


The Arcane Sage
I agree with all of this! Do you as you desire in this respect, but in the vane of respect remember that others will not know that you are the opposite gender so there is always a slight chance that embarrassing things could happen! Great to learn from but might cost you a friend or two if they think that you have lied by using a different gender than what you are. I used to have a female character for D&D but I was always careful to make sure that everyone knew I was a guy.

Duality Jack

Feeling Loki with it.
Well I think you are an interesting one in the right way.

Vespula Vulgaris

Wasp Queen
I guess it's okay to express yourself however u want. I found some old drawings of Aldric the other day. He's blue, with claws, sharp teeth, and a tail. He's a water elemental, because my Zodiac is Cancer, a water sign. I've become more Earth lately, so Vespula is associated with the element of Earth. I'll always be a water sign, I'll always have a masculine side, and I'll always have a love for Raptors, so Aldric is definitely part of my personality.
Either way cool for ya to be all expressive and such :p I just can't see me not being something very close to how I am physically. Id miss my man bits too much


Do whatever the fuck you want. It's your Fursona. It would just be stupid as these questions to say you can't.