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Option to see from where Views come on FA

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I just had the idea that it would be pretty nice to have the option to see from where people access your profile/submissions on FA.
It would show if people came there from the main site, the browse function, the search function or some external links. I think this would help to understand how and why people find you and your work.

But it's just and idea I had and I don't even know if it is possible for FA to include something like this.
It would be a neat feature but it doesn't seem like something too many people would end up using. Unless the site itself benefited somehow from keeping track of and storing all of this extra data, I feel like it would be a great deal of work (which, knowing FA, means it would take a number of years at best) for very little payoff.


Although FA would technically have a variant of this data in it's server logs (most likely unless they disabled them), it wouldn't be viable with a user-base as large as FA's.

Although the typical breakdown would be 65% from the homepage, 20% from userpage (what appears in your followers inboxes) and the remaining 10% split down between the favourites of others, tag searching in the search engine and external links (twitter, IB, Weasyl, SF etc)