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Filter Needed?

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Marquis Yarosh

New Member
Edit 1: Misspelling

Hi, I am user M7Fire from Furaffinity.net and I was inquiring about gaining other site users perspective on why an optional is or is not a good idea for the website?

Here is my thoughts on the matter and remember this is only my opinion, not what the overall audience thinks;

As the Viewer: (WARNING - Semi-Mature Nature) When browsing the site I will admit there are moments where I find the need to look up adult material. I will not get into detail nor call out specific imagery, however I will say that when trying to enjoy yourself the desire to do is often broken by certain pictures that one may find quite odd and off putting (at least to them).

As the Artist: I find it rather rude and sad when someone posts such hate speech on art they do not enjoy. I can understand not wanting to see such material during searches, however why would you wish to post such coarse speech towards one another? (Unfortunately I have done this before and I apologise for my misdeeds)

With everything said and done, what do you think? Should Furaffinity.net gain a new filter? Or is it fine the way it is? Let me know in the comments below :)

First and Last Rule: Be polite. Thank you.